Autocad 2010 Free Download Full Version 32-64 Bit


Link download Autocad 2010 frees for you to learn the graphics, architecture, technology, construction,… Autocad 2010 though is rather an old version but still a lot of you love to use. Maybe because it does not require too high so the machine configuration is still running smooth midrange. Besides the interface so close, so familiar despite pretty much upgraded version but the brothers remain confident choosing this version. However, to download the AutoCAD 2010 may be very easy for some of you well versed in technology, computer but for some you first contact shall never easy at all. Therefore, in this article will guide you how to get Autocad 2010, Autocad 2010 free download and instructions for you to cr@ck the software to be used permanently.

Link download Autocad 2010 frees

– Autocad 2010 32 bit download link:

– Autocad 2010 64 bit download link:

– Password (If there ):

– File cr@ck:

Guide Autocad 2010 active

– Step 1: After installation is complete, open Autocad 2010 outs onto the desktop. Autocad 2010 option matching your respective professions. Her select Other (General Design and Documentation), then click Next.

– Step 2: Select seet sets and clicks next.

– Step 3: Leave the default option Use AutoCAD 2010’s default drawing template file. A then clicks start AutoCAD 2010.

– Step 4: Activation screen appears, click Activate to activate it.

– Step 5: Register today screen appears, we copy the code in the code section as shown below Request back slightly.

– Step 6: The file you cr@ck open (activate) with the installation of yourselves. Remember to right click on files activate and click Run as administrator to activate the file is not corrupted.

– Step 7: Press mem Patch Successfully patched out notification is successful. A then clicks OK slightly.

– Step 8: Paste the copied code in the section above Request code and paste it into position in the file Request x-force as shown below.

– Step 9: Next click the Generate and copy the code in Activation section in the file x-force.

– Step 10: Click the Enter an activation code and paste the copied code in the top of the file entry in the file Activation x-force. Then click Next and click Finish completing the activation.

Activate the process that was it. You remember to comply with such instructions to not happen sorry. Good luck. My share blog posts and visit regularly to be watched many new articles and more attractive.