Autocad 2018 Free Download Full Version 32-64 Bit


Autocad 2018 is the latest version of design software Autocad 3D graphics famous. Inherited many professional features in previous versions such as graphic design 2D, 3D,… and improved features like PDF import, link external link – the External Reference (Xref) … besides are additional new features selected object scanning tools such as Autocad 2018 with, users will experience many new innovative features quite attractive.

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New features of Autocad 2018

– Interface new colors

– Improved work with PDF files

– Dialog select Intelligent File

– Sharing screen design

– Improved path external link

– Supports screen 4K

Autocad is one of the software designs 2D graphics, 3D Autodesk software company famous. Autodesk recently launched version of AutoCAD 2018 with improvements and bug fixes, help people use software more effectively. First, since changes to the interface design, users easily recognize AutoCAD 2018 brings a new-look with modern colors and more youthful. Besides the addition of the Quick Access bar extremely convenient. But overall functions and tools are arranged on the software remains the same.

Highlights of this release may include the PDF import function has been improved, improved external links’ path – External Reference (Xref) and additional scanning tool selected object. A next feature is support for working with PDF format. If the previous version, users have difficulty in importing and editing PDF files. Then, into AutoCAD 2018, this problem is easier than ever, because now the demand for PDF files in the job are huge so AutoCAD 2018 improved importing the PDF file format is the utmost need set. Besides, the file selection dialog in AutoCAD 2018 now has additional features Memory sort order. When a user opens the file and change the sort order, the software will remember these settings and used the next time you open the file even after accounting AutoCAD off.

AutoCAD 2018 also added some important improvements to work with external reference files. Also, when the screen has higher resolution appear increasingly more. AutoCAD 2018 has improved breakthrough by supporting 4K screen, to help users get the best experience.