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Autocad 2019 is one of the most popular computer-based design software, with Autodesk AutoCAD users can design 2D, 3D graphics, drawings, or designs of almost anything field with high accuracy. With the latest version, flat design is applied to the Ribbon, Status Bar, Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and Application Menu. These icons provide a better visual experience when using AutoCAD software, especially for high-resolution displays. The new version offers a flexible icon system in size, well suited to a wide variety of resolutions. Autodesk has invested heavily in improving 2D graphics performance on this release. For operations that require the re-creation of 2D graphics on AutoCAD (such as changing the drawing position, zooming in, editing layers, working on complex drawings or drawing with the raster) This was twice as fast. Adding some adjustments in the Graphics Performance dialog box makes it easy to adjust the 2D graphics performance of the software.

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The built-in tools in AutoCAD 2019

– Architecture Toolset: A specialized toolkit for architectures, provides specialized tools for designing works, and more than 8,000 architectural elements are dynamically designed to provide maximum support in drawing and drawing related document.
Mechanical Toolset: A toolkit for mechanical engineers that provides more than 700,000 pieces of precision mechanics, a library of symbols and features to accelerate the design process.

– Electrical toolset: Provides specialized tools for electrical design, more than 65,000 specialized symbols, accelerates the design and adjustment of electrical systems.
MEP Toolset: tools designed specifically for MEP engineers with more than 10,500 mechanical, electrical, and tubular components to support the design and construction of MEP systems for buildings.

– Plant 3D Toolset: Use specialized design tools to design plants and operate efficiently in P & IDs.

– Map 3D Toolset: Using specialized mapping features, combining GIS and CAD data to support drawing, designing and managing data, accessing different storage spaces for filing saving, database, web servies, synthesized and connected to CAD drawings.

– A Raster Design Toolset: Use the raster to vector converter function to assist you to modify scanned drawings and convert from image files to DWG format.

With 7 specialized tool sets, userve a libs will harary of over 750,000 elements, styles, and icons to aid drawing. Designers can automate the drawing of floor plans; draw the pipe quickly, set up the equipment or electrical panel layout; Incorporate due to GIS data into the design process, edit scanned drawings and converted images to DWG objects and still work in a familiar AutoCAD interface.

The toolkit is now integrated into AutoCAD, providing intelligent functionality to help users work faster and more efficiently. For example, with the use of the Architecture toolkit for modeling, you will save significant time on architectural elements such as doors, walls, windows, and so forth. Draw from the beginning with straight lines and circles; Drawing in AutoCAD earlier took five steps, with the toolkit architecture will only need 3 steps.