What is the DMCA? How to register DMCA in the simplest way


What is the DMCA? and how to register DMCA? will be shared by you in the following article. Content creators on the website are the first to know about the DMCA. This is an indispensable tool to protect you from those who copy the creative content of others. For complete and accurate information on the DMCA, please see the section below.

What is the DMCA?

The DMCA is the name of an organization that recognizes, supports and protects the content rights of creators. The DMCA is written in the phrase Digital Millennium Copyright Act. As information technology evolves, the DMCA was created by the United States in 1998. The DMCA helps creators protect their copyrights, and when someone copies the content, you can Appeal to the organization. All content declarations, infringement searches, and grievances are automatic.

How to register a DMCA

If you are a content creator on your website, you will need to register for a DMCA. This is the best way to protect your posts from cyber-criminals. To register for a DMCA you need to take the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the DMCA’s official website https://www.dmca.com/. On the web interface click Client Login button, then click on the Register button.

Step 2: After you click the register button at the Register button, the DMCA asks you to enter your information. Enter the necessary information and press SUBMIT as shown below.

Step 3: After completing this step, the DMCA asked you to download Pro or Free, you just need to select the Free version is enough. You can then use the email and password you filled out the previous form to login to the DMCA.

Insert the DMCA Code into the Website to protect the content

After successfully registering your account on the DMCA, you can log in to get the code to place on your website.

In the new interface after logging in you click the Add Badges to your site button.

The DMCA will then display an interface that allows you to select the images that the DMCA will display on your website. These images let viewers know that your site is protected by copyright by the DMCA. You just need to select an image to match the color of your website.

After clicking the image of your choice, the right side will display the corresponding code. You need to copy this code paste to the position you want to display on the website. Often I see people put in Footer. So you have done the DMCA registration for your website, you wait 24 hours for DMCA update for your website.

You can then check whether any of your posts have copyright protection from the DMCA and you can do the following:

Go to your post, then click on the DMCA logo on your website for the 1st time to see the display as shown below. If it still does not show up then repeat the second operation. Usually just 2 times it will update for you.

Above is a detailed DMCA article, how to register a DMCA for a website. With the registration method above you can only hand-caution offline. If you want the DMCA to automatically scan your content masters, you must use the Pro version for $ 5 or more. Please consider carefully when using the paid version offline. If you like the article and remember to like and share the article to support yourself. Remember to return to ShareVIP.info to update the latest knowledge offline.