How to active Windows 10 Pro Free Download 2018 by Key


Active windows pro 10 pro license permanently for you need. The process is simple and fast. If you are running an older or faulty version of Windows, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free.

How to activate windows 10 pro for free

First, you need to check the windows 10 pro that you own. You can activate windows successfully if you are using version 1511 or 1607. If not these two versions, the success rate is low.

How to check the version of Windows 10 Pro is using

Right-click on the desktop icon, select properties to check computer information. In the new windows, you will see Windows Edition. This is where windows display information on your computer.

Once you have verified and made sure the correct version is 1511 or 1607. You follow the steps below.

Step 1

We open the Command Prompt (ADMIN). Right click on the windows button, then select Command Prompt (ADMIN).

Step 2

We will see a window, which is the CMD window. We then copy each command below and paste them into CMD window and enter and wait for success.

CMD commands

– Command 1: sc config wuauserv start = auto

– Command 2: net start wuauserv

– Command 3: slmgr / ipk PW48G-MNG8W-B9978-YWBRP-76DGY

– Command 4: slui 3

In the activation window, we paste this key into RTNKG-7K8HQ-3QVVW-W8QKF-Q9H3P. If there is a noticeable yellow band, we do not care. Click Next, and wait for it to say “Your Running Genuic Off Copping Windows …”

If we click next to see error XXXX, then we replace one of these keys offline.

+ 77PMK-PXJ8B-38D2R-C4D6V-9X3KC


+ VKWK6-9H293-6QYH8-96QF7-DVPJP



+ 77PMK-PXJ8B-38D2R-C4D6V-9X3KC

+> In the case of no longer in CMD type the command slmgr.vbs / ato

– see the windows activated message so that we have been active

– Also, see the key blocked message to replace the key in the above. The guarantee will be successful.

This is also key entry key online active or key MAK of win 7, win 8 and win 8.1.

So we have been active and have win 10 already. But still not finished. You need to activate the digital license again so that later use to reinstall win 10 will automatically active for us.

How to activate the technical license for Windows 10 Pro

We go back to the CMD window then type in “slui” command 3 will appear a dialog box to enter the Digital key input. Enter the following key VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T into and wait for success.

Then check the license by going to Settings -> Update & Security -> Activation. It will appear as shown in the figure below that we have successfully activated digital rights.

I wish you success with how to guide Active Windows 10 Pro from You can refer to article key win 10 fast.