How to Clear Your Google Search History Easy


You want to clear your Google search history because you do not want someone to visit your computer and know you visit some of your private websites. You just need to do the following. We will guide you through the most detailed Google search history management, for you to use effectively during your work.

To manage your activities, you must first log into your Google account from this link

Enable/disable the storage of browsing history on Google

If you do not want to save your browsing history on Google from the beginning then you can turn off this mode, when you need to save some useful sites for later to return to that web. You can turn it back on.

– After entering your activity manager, you have to click on the 3 dots at the top right corner to select Operation Control.

– Click the blue button to turn on or off the browsing history

How to Clear your search history on Google

First, you need to visit the Google history link above the article. Next, you click on Delete activity under to delete history in different ways. Or you can type in the search box to search the activity you want to delete.

Once you select Delete activity under to the delete by topic or product dialog will pop up. You need to select the date or product to delete and click the Erase button. This is done to clear the browsing history on your Google account then offline.

It’s easy for us to manage our browsing history on Google. If you find the article useful, you remember to leave a like for us. Please go back to the website for more tips.