How to create USB Boot with Hiren’s BootCD quickly


Creating a USB Boot is required when you want to reinstall Windows for your computer. If you forget your Windows password or system software is faulty, you will need a new Windows USB boot. Instead of buying a CD to install, the USB Boot will be more suitable, as it’s compact, easy to carry around.

You can at USB Boot easily with many different tools, software support. Today, I will guide you to use Hiren’s BootCD to create USB Boot, as it is popular in the tech world. After reading the article below you will create USB Boot to install Windows easily.

How to create USB Boot with Hiren’s BootCD

– Step 1: Prepare a USB blank for USB Boot

– Step 2: Format USB FAT32 standard

– Step 3: Create bootable USB with the tool

– Step 4: Unzip Hiren’s BootCD file and copy to USB

– Step 5: Copy the “grldr” file and menu “.Ist” to the USB boot just created

How to create a USB Boot using Hiren’s BootCD

Step 1: Prepare a USB blank for USB Boot

– USB storage capacity of 2 GB or more

– Tool to format, format to USB FAT32 standard. Get it now!

– Tool to create bootable USB:

– Toolkit to boot and edit your computer:  Hiren’s BootCD 15.2

Step 2: FAT32 USB format

If you want to use your USB as USB Boot then need to change to FAT32 USB format. Download the USB format tool above and then run the setup file named usb_format.exe. An optional dialog is turned on as shown below.


Next, select items 1 and 2 as shown. So you chose the USB format from the standard NTFS FAT32 standard.

– At Device, you select the correct USB name

– In the File System, select FAT32

– Then click the Start button to start the USB format

Depending on the speed of recording and transferring your USB data, the formatting process is fast or slow. It will take you 10 to 15 minutes to complete this.


After completing the FAT32 USB formatting process, you will see the dialog box shown in the figure. Click the Stop button to finish.

Step 3: Create Bootable USB with the tool

By using  grub4dos you will create a bootable USB. Download this tool from the path above, then extract the directory. Next, you find the file grubinst_gui.exe and launch it.


Steps to create a USB Ghost Windows

If you create a USB for Ghost Windows then you can do this step. For a USB Boot you need to run the Grub4Dos Installer program and follow the instructions below:

– Click  Refresh (1)  in the Disk section to select the correct  USB (2).

– Click  Refresh (3)  in the  Part List to select the Whole disk (MBR) (4).

– After making sure you select the correct one, press the Install button  (5).


Once the installation process is finished, you will see a program window running just below it. Your to do is follow the instructions of the program.


Step 4: Unzip Hiren’s BootCD file and copy to USB

After downloading Hiren’s BootCD to your computer, you need to unzip it. Next, look for the Hirens.BootCD.15.2.iso file in the unzipped folder. Finally, copy all that is in this folder to your USB drive.


Step 5: Copy the “grldr” file and menu.Ist to the USB boot just created

In the Hiren’s BootCD folder that you just extracted from the ISO file, there are two files you need to copy to the USB Boot: “grldr and menu .lst. So, you have finished creating USB Boot to run Ghost Windows for your computer and then.


How to use USB Boot to Ghost Windows

Plug in the newly created USB Boot into your computer. Boot up the computer and access the BIOS. Each line of the computer has a different way to enter the BIOS, for example, press F2, F12, Delete.

After entering the BIOS you select boot mode from USB. Here, you can run Ghost Windows, install new Windows or fix errors.


Mini Windows XP in HirenBoot USB

So I just showed you how to create a detailed USB Boot from Hiren’s BootCD. You can completely Ghost Windows, install new Windows, fix your Windows the easy. This is a common practice when people cannot boot Windows normally. Some of your computers do not have a drive or disk drive so you can use USB for the purpose.

How to create a USB Boot using Hiren’s BootCD is considered to be complex. If you find it difficult to do this, you can refer to how to create a USB Boot using the Rufus tool. With Rufus software, you need an “.ISO” file to be able to install. Consider your requirements to choose the most appropriate method for creating a USB Boot.