How to Delete My Browsing History in Google Chrome


When you visit sites on Google’s Chrome browser, it automatically saves your browsing history. In some cases, this history saves you from having to navigate to those web pages or web pages faster. In other cases, it loses your privacy. So, you’ll probably think about deleting your Google Chrome browser history.

The following article will show you how to clear your browsing history on Google Chrome. You can also refer to the articles below on how to delete history on other applications offline.

Open the browsing history window

To open up a window that shows your Chrome browsing history, you can open the Google Chrome browser, then click the upper right corner icon, as in the image below, and click on history. Open the browsing history window.

How to delete your browsing history on Google Chrome

After opening up the history window. You continue to click on the checkbox to clear your browsing data. From the dialog box that opens, you can tick the option that you want to delete. This includes the amount of web access you want to delete and what the browser saves. Next, you click the Clear browsing data option to finish the deletion.

How to delete an individual site from Google Chrome history

If you do not want to permanently delete your browsing history on Google Chrome, you only want to delete some web pages, so follow the steps below.

You first open up the history page, then type in the search box to find the site you need to remove from history. Click on those sites and click on the checkbox to clear the browsing data. It’s easy enough.

Browse Google Chrome with incognito mode

You do not want the Google Chrome browser to save your browsing history, go to the incognito web. If you use other people’s computers, public computers, school computers, you should browse the web in an anonymous mode to help keep your information private.

Here’s how to browse the web on Google Chrome incognito:

– First way: press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito window.

– Second way: Click the human icon in the upper right-hand corner => Guest to open the incognito window.

So I just shared with you how to delete browsing history on Google Chrome. I recommend you visit anonymously on some important websites that use login information to prevent hacker attacks.