How to Fix Slow Facebook loading times and Send error message


How to Fix slow facebook entry, long loading, send an error message. The default system when visiting Facebook in Vietnam you will access the IP: Depending on the bandwidth and transmission of each network, the speed can be fast or slow. The most stable current is Viettel and FPT, VNPT is much slower. Long time, send the message is not, … very inhibited when used.

How to Fix Slow Facebook loading times and Send error message

Although depending on the network we use, but you can refer to the following two IP Facebook to improve the load speed offline.

Fix a slow facebook error

Edit the host’s file

The first task we change the DNS can fix some minor bugs.

Next we modify the hosts file with the following IP ranges:

IP Range 1: Used for FPT – –
31.13. 68.49
31.13. 68.49

IP 2 can be used for VNPT network, Viettel: – –
31.13. 67.1
31.13. 67.1

If you test if the speed does not change, then you can delete the ip and then enter the other ip offline. Because the time to fix the host, sometimes the speed of these has changed.

A little trick, we can clear the browser history to improve the speed of browser access in general and in particular Facebook.


Can say Facebook is a necessity for everyone. There are some people who can use Facebook addiction for them. Not just for fun anymore. Now contact through facebook is very popular already. It also serves our commercial purpose. So the problem of surfing facebook is slow, load long. sending messages does not work, interrupted calls or poor communication, … cause us uncomfortable. With the tips we have shared hope will help people to improve access speed facebook. Make our work more convenient, more enjoyable experience.