How to Turn off Windows Update in Windows 10


How to stop Windows 10 updates. This is a very little known user trick. Because Windows 10 is not the same as the previous version of Windows, we can completely disable windows update to avoid being bothered and affect the system during use. Or to avoid the use of a pirated version. This version of Microsoft Windows is no longer the option to turn off update windows completely as before. Now the update will happen automatically in the system without any notice to the user at all.

But not so that we can not turn off updates in Windows 10. Here we will guide you set off automatic updates in Windows 10 silently not notice this.

How to disable Windows Update in Windows 10

Step 1

Click on Search Search Enter from Update to. Then select Check for updates.

Step 2

Go to Advances Options as shown below.

Click Advanced Options to go to Choose how to update are installed we will see in the box is the word Automatic, click the drop-down select Notify to schedule restart instead of Automatic.

This will help us set off automatic updates, but we can not completely shut down. This setting will tell you before the update to prepare for, avoid the negative impact on the computer.

How to stop automatic updates in Windows 10

You can also use the Defer Updates feature if you use windows 10 Pro offline. The home version does not have this feature.

Another tip is that you should turn off the feature: Windows Update Delivery Optimization can reduce the bandwidth during running Windows 10 slowing down the computer or network lag. The operation is as follows: Very simply choose Choose how updates are delivered. And off is done.

The delay in updating our computer will not be called up for several months. But the downside is that new features and bug fixes are not up to date. If we use win 10 copyright should not be off offline.

Disable service

One way to disable Windows update is to disable the service. The operation as follows: Seach enter service and select the result.

Now go to the Windows Update stream and click on Stop and then select Disable click Ok to finish. Action as shown below.

So we have shut down Windows update successfully. Using the computer that keeps updating the message is very frustrating. If I do not turn away, that frustration will follow me forever. Click to mistakenly update the very damaged machine. Because during the update, the machine consumes a lot of resources. The machine is running down slowly. There is always a fault win. Hope this article will help you. Wish success.